We design various unique objects – public buildings, business centers, industrial objects, as well as residential apartment buildings and private houses. We believe that every detail is important to the success of a project, this is why before embarking on a job, we carefully examine various aspects of the project, from optimal engineering solutions to the historical and cultural context of the site. We also take into consideration the special needs and preferences of every customer. Our team’s goal is to offer not only creative but also functional and economically beneficial solutions. We pay special attention to the ergonomics and the environmental aspect of our designs. Moreover, we carefully analyze the legislation applicable to the construction of a future facility. Our architects and designers believe in the “hands-on” approach – we are involved in all stages of our projects implementation, from the initial conception to the preparations of the opening day.

Our versatile experience and flexibility enable us to provide a wide range of high quality services – from designing various buildings and open spaces to interior and furniture design services.

Competence in all cases


Modern Technologies: BIM

Ordinary plan drawings are a thing of the past. The BIM (Building Information Modeling)…

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Commercial Buildings

When it comes to commercial buildings, smart and carefully thought-out design can definitely help optimize business and attract new customers..

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Modern Technologies: 3D Scanning

3D scanning opens a wide range of possibilities for space reconstruction. This technology allows the measurement of complex spaces…

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Private buildings

We design exclusive private homes, contemporary and historic spaces and landscape architecture in Lithuania and abroad.

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Architectural Heritage

Often, historic property is particularly precious to its owners. Indeed, it possesses undeniable value, on the other hand…

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Retrofit Existing Buildings

We offer all types of reconstruction and repair services – from the assessment of the condition of the object…

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Work Execution Supervision

It is important to ensure a smooth and timely construction process…

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Public Buildings

We design public buildings for various uses, every time aiming for the harmony of functionality and aesthetics…

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Designing urban spaces offers great opportunities for one’s creativity to flourish.

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From idea to opening


Before starting a new project, we carefully listen to the customer’s needs and analyze them. We set the main goals of the project.


We showcase our ideas and solutions in a virtual reality environment that helps the customer to better understand space, light and materials.

Let's go into detail

We elaborate projects to a very small level in order to make their implementation faster and smoother.


After designing, we continue our work and participate in the implementation process. We want our ideas to be implemented in the best possible way.

Trust in us