Our team members advise clients on a wide range of matters, from overall project concept assessment, cost calculation, technical specifications definition and legal compliance to customized design and finishing solutions.

We examine each case thoroughly, because only by precisely defining the client’s needs and expectations we can come up with the most efficient strategy. We are ready to advise you throughout the execution of the project – from the first drawings to the final finishing.

Competence in all cases


Object Investment Planning

Before commencing the contract work, it is important to anticipate the actual scope of work and…

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Construction Possibilities in the Plot Study

When deciding on a future property, it makes sense to compare several options – e.g. with an underground car park or…

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Needs Analysis

When choosing the construction site it is necessary to rationally evaluate one’s needs, expectations and…

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Construction Type Selection

Apsisprendus dėl numatomo statinio ar patalpų paskirties bei sudėliojus darbų programą, svarbu…

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From idea to opening


Before starting a new project, we carefully listen to the customer’s needs and analyze them. We set the main goals of the project.


We showcase our ideas and solutions in a virtual reality environment that helps the customer to better understand space, light and materials.

Let's go into detail

We elaborate projects to a very small level in order to make their implementation faster and smoother.


After designing, we continue our work and participate in the implementation process. We want our ideas to be implemented in the best possible way.

Trust in us