Our team offers a full range of interior or individual interior objects design services, from concept definition and visualization to final project implementation. Just like with all the services we provide, first we find out the customers needs, preferences and expectations. Then we offer our ideas; our goal is to define a design vision that fulfills the client’s needs to the maximum. We always strive for the best in terms of both quality and visual aesthetics. We are not only innovative and creative, but also very meticulous and demanding in quality, so even when working with the finest interior details we pay attention to every single step of the process. Our team can take care of entire premises interior or its individual components – furniture, lamps, shelves, decorative elements etc.

Competence in all cases


Private Interiors

Our home is very special to all of us. It’s a place where we relax, spend quality time with family…

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Coworking Spaces

In coworking spaces versatility and adaptability of the premises, as well as ergonomic design and aesthetics are paramount.

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Luxury interior

The interior plays a huge role in objects where people spend a lot of time – the ambience of both…

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Object Design

We create a variety of unique pieces of furniture, chandeliers, decorative interior and exterior…

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Retrofit Existing Buildings

We offer all types of reconstruction and repair services – from the assessment of the condition of the object…

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Work Execution Supervision

It is important to ensure a smooth and timely construction process…

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Protingi ir kruopščiai apgalvoti biuro erdvių sprendimai gali padėti padidinti darbuotojų produktyvumą ir…

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Lighting has always been an important component of architecture….

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From idea to opening


Before starting a new project, we carefully listen to the customer’s needs and analyze them. We set the main goals of the project.


We showcase our ideas and solutions in a virtual reality environment that helps the customer to better understand space, light and materials.

Let's go into detail

We elaborate projects to a very small level in order to make their implementation faster and smoother.


After designing, we continue our work and participate in the implementation process. We want our ideas to be implemented in the best possible way.

Trust in us